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Ekka Dagwood Dog

There may be many food trucks, but there is only one The Dagwood Dog Guy. Our iconic Dagwood Dog has been a part of our family for over 100 years! We love to serve our customers with tastes they’ve never experienced before. Perhaps you’ve seen us at a festival or a park, and you’d like to return for more. You can follow the Ekka Dagwood Dog on Facebook or Instagram to see our truck schedule. Whether it is at the Ekka or another show or festival around Queensland, find us there to get your Dagwood Dog before we’re on to the next city.

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More About Brisbane Ekka Dagwood Dogs

What makes our Dagwood Dog so special? Why do many people travel far and stand in lines for a simple food item? Find out more about our story, product, and our vision below:

  • Our story: Our family business has lasted for five generations, starting with Bill McDonald, and being passed down from generation to generation. We still use the same trailer as Bill’s son, Bob McDonald. We are passionate about the business and love seeing happy faces enjoying shows and festivals.

  • Our product: Our Dagwood Dog is over one hundred years old and still as popular as ever. We still hand-make all our Dagwood Dogs, and they’re freshly produced on premises with no premade products. Many people come from far to get our piping hot, hand-dipped Dagwood Dogs.

  • Our vision: Throughout the years, we have prioritised quality over profit, striving to keep the Dagwood Dog the same as the original: hand-made, hand-dipped, and served fresh for our customers. We love to see people enjoying good quality food and having a fun time at the show or festival. Some of our best memories were made at shows like the Ekka, Sydney Royal Easter Show, Cairns, Grafton Jacaranda Festival, and others, which we still frequent today. Find out where we will be and meet us there to try out your first Dagwood Dog.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive live truck schedule updates and to whet your appetite with our food photo gallery.

Why Us?

With many food trucks and various delicacies to choose from, we are confident you won’t be disappointed with the Dagwood Dog. Stand in line to grab yours from our friendly family business. We are confident you’ll be coming back for more. Get dipping with The Dagwood Dog Guy today.

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